The best snow park East of the Alps opens in Borovets


On January 22nd, Sunday, in the side run of Popangelov ski run (former Yastrebets 2) in Borovets the most innovative and advanced free style (terrain) park in Bulgaria - On January 22nd, Sunday, in the side run of Popangelov ski run (former Yastrebets 2) in Borovets the most innovative and advanced free style (terrain) park in Bulgaria - Snow Park Borosport opens for fans and visitors. The new park – an extension of last year’s pilot project Borosport Funpark will be even more sophisticated and challenging.

Built on equipment delivered by SCHEESTERN – an internationally renown German company, the park will go beyond the most daring expectations of the freestylers with its perfect jumps and unique elements, including a jeep line, which is the most varied line with riding elements built in Bulgaria ever. Snow Park Borosport has been extended to 610 m. and displays three levels of difficulty. The upper part is the area dedicated to the most experienced riders – on the pro line are arranged a huge ring, rocked jump with split spot and then right next – a giant 12 m. Table Top jump.  

The middle line in the park is a unique multifunctional line with two separate trails. The first trail – a slope style trail- is designed according to the best international standards and has a series of a 10 m Straight Rail, followed by an A Frame Box, a small 6 m. Table Top in a series with a big 8 m. Table Top and a 10 m. Spine. The series is completed by a huge 4 m. Quarter Pipe. The second trail of the middle line is the jib line which has a 10 m. Straight Rail, 9 m. A Frame Box, 9 m. Flat Down Box followed by a Pro Set Up of a 9 m. Kinked Rail and a 10 m. Kinked Box. The end of the line is made on a 12 m. PVC pipe.    

In Snow Park Borosport special attention is dedicated to the youngest freestyle fans. A special child trail was built for them having a line with jumps consisting of 1.5 m. Table Top and 3 m. Table Top Jump. The second line of the child trail displays a 3 m. Butter Box followed by a 4 m. Rainbow box and PVC for sliding.

In addition to all that the fans of extreme riding will have at their disposal the new surface lift built especially to service the Snow Park. For the fans who wish to go on with high adrenaline after dawn, Borosport terrain park launches for the first time in Bulgaria a night park in front of the Rila hotel which will be equipped with a little and big jump and a riding pipe.

In Snow Park Borosport the emotions will also be stimulated by the 4 freestyle races which will be hosted by the park  this winter. First on the agenda is the International Ski and Snowboard Race for all age groups - Borosport Big Air Open (Feb.4-5), then comes  Saturday Extreme Session (Feb.18), AIR & JIB Challenge (March 10-11) and Dragon Slope Style (March 24-25).  

The new park is designed and built by Borosport and is supported by its general sponsor DC – an internationally famous company for sporting goods and accessories. The promoters promise lots of prizes, incredible emotions, excellent trails,  a wonderful winter and an unforgettable season to all freestylers.
 for fans and visitors.