The second month in the Snow Park


The second month in the Snow Park started with the now traditional race Saturday Extreme Session. This time, too, all riders were taken best care by Borosport and Burton who managed to transform this February Saturday into a real holiday. The now emblematic figure in Bulgaria’s snowboard and ski culture - Snow Park Borosport was filled up to the top by junior and senior extreme lovers.  After a lot of master tricks and unique style displayed by the participants, the session was finally won by Bulgaria’s snowboard giant Dimitar Chokoev – Jimmy. This was probably the first time in Bulgaria to wake up our riders as well as all fans of the X skis and snowboard who displayed their unique tricks at the Republican race and the PFO in March. The local Boroboard club, who held their everyday practicing in the park, literally crashed the competition by snatching all top prizes in Bulgarian and European events.
The team in charge for upholding international standards in Snow Park Borosport’s organization and maintenance was taking care not just for the elements and the jumps but also for the jovial atmosphere at the event. As a result the tourists, who initially shyly glanced at the jumps, later on became more confident and started riding on the middle line of the park, especially made for them. People from Britain, Russia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Romania improved their skills and shared their impressions, each one assuring us that they would come back next year to have another unforgettable vacation in Borovets.
Besides these impressions of the Snow Park Borosport we should not forget the tons of snow in Borovets which procured immense pleasure to the free riders. Associating park, ski run and woods all in one, the impatient X maniacs lined up at the lift from early morning to late afternoon.
So, after this wonderful second month in the Park, there are lots of snow and sunny weather forecast still ahead of us. Come to Snow Park Borosport so that we enjoy together some spring riding amidst music, tricks and new friendships.