Snow Park Borosport 2013


On February 2nd the new season in Snow Park Bororsport has officially started. On this occasion the first freestyle competition for 2013 took place. It was in jam session format and there were more than 60 riders who participated.
DJ Marsel took care for the good mood of all who presented there.
Sponsors of Snow Park Borosport for season 2012-2013 are Nescafe 3in1 and Vans, and the awards for the Snow Park Grand Opening were provided by the event sponsor – Burton.


Snow Park Grand Opening

See the video from the Snow Park Grand Opening

Children Preparatory Group Snowboard - Girls up to 12
1. Mila Dimitrova
2. Radina Moskova

Children Preparatory Group Snowboard- Boys up to 12
1.Borislav Stoianov
2. Kamen Petrov
3. Andrej Ruev

Children Snowboard - Girls up to 14
1. Betina Kiuchukova
2. Mihaela Varoshkina

Children Snowboard - Boys up to 14
1. Simeon Mitrev
2. Ivan Ivanov
3. Stefan Vangelov

Women Snowboard
1. Sisa Slavkova
2. Stanimira Karadocheva
3. Maria Konstantinova

Men Snowboard
1. Georgi Georgiev
2. Peter Giosharkov
3. Dani Dimitrov

Men Ski
1. Kristian Goleminov
2. Kiril Pavlov
3. Ivajlo Milev