Borovets to open Winter season 2014/2015 on December 13th


This winter Borovets will offer twice as much pleasure to skiers and snowboarders. All the more that lift passes shall be same price as last year. The investments made by the resort for Winter 2015 bring new opportunities for ski and snowboard fans by making the resort even more independent from weather conditions. 

More snow!

A month before the official ski season start in Borovets the resort is more prepared than ever to welcome skiers, snowboarders and all mountain fans. Even if natural snow fails us in the upcoming winter season Bulgaria's biggest mountain resort is getting ready for a  supreme winter experience.

The resort will open the upcoming ski season with twice as much trails equipped with snowmaking system. Now, besides Yastrebets ski center, ski center Sitniakovo (central Borovets) has also the most performing snowmaking guns on all of its slopes. 

More snow and light - more pleasure

With twice as much snow guns - now a total 160 and an increased capacity of the snow grooming fleet nearly two third of the resort's area will be guaranteed with high quality snow. This is how Borovets is planning to provide to all skiers and snowboarders - beginners, intermediate and experts even more comfort, time and pleasure on the slopes. 

This season the resort provides more opportunities for night skiing, too. Another two trails will have electric lighting - Martinovi baraki 4 and Rotata as well as the lower section of Sitniakovo ski way which makes the area for night skiing twice as large as in previous years. If you choose to stick to the night skiing trails which you are familiar with, Martinovi baraki 1, 2 and 3, Rila and Iglika will also be open from 06:00 PM to 10:00 PM.


For the fans of extreme sensations

Looking for freestyle thrill? You will find the perfect conditions for high adrenaline sensations in the terrains parks of the resort - Snow Park Borosport in the upper section of Popangelov run and Promo Park Borovets in front of the Rila hotel in central Borovets. The new Stash trails in the park as well as the modern rails, gib lines and jumps will provide immense pleasure to the most adventurous ski and snowboard fans. 

This year you will have the opportunity to enjoy the mastery of professionals during Bulgaria's State Slopestylecontestand  Big Airrace - these are just a few among the many on this year's sports events agenda.   


Holidays in Borovets

This year the hotels in Borovets will offer even better value for their price to the customers who choose to spend Christmas and New Year's holidays there.

The winter fairy tale is just about to start. To quote the resort's sports director Mr. Georgi Kochov: "The official season opening is scheduled for December 13th. - Saturday. In this same period Borovets will host the European cross country championship - which is among the top four races on the European athletics association calendar. This important sports forum will gather 800 athletes - men and women, junior and senior ladies, junior men and ladies up to 23 years of age. More than 40 countries will be represented."

Borosport managers hope that the area will open even earlier for the most impatient skiers and snow boarders - late November or early December if weather conditions allow it.

The season opening is just around the corner. Do not miss and ride on your favorite slopes in Borovets.