DC BIG SPIN is over!


Dimitar Chokoev - Jimmy is the winner in the DC BIG SPIN BOROVETS 2013 race. He won BGN 1000 cash and a beautiful cup engraved „There can be only one!”. Jimmy got first in the race with FS720 and BS720 clean landings.

A second contestant got to the finals, too. That was Georgi Peltekov. They both succeeded with Dimitar Chokoev in their first attempt to a 720 degrees trick with a clean landing. The second attempt of  Dimitar Chokoev was also successful with another cleanly landed 720 degrees trick, but Georgi Peltekov missed in landing his 900 degrees trick in his second attempt, so Dimitar Chokoev came first with a total 1440 degrees.

The Most Stylish Rider prize awarded by the Wildberries, went to Georgi Georgiev who displayed dazzling skills and style in the rotations. Together with the tablet he also won a DC Torstein Horgmo board.

The best Bulgarian snowboarders took part in DC BIG SPIN BOROVETS 2013 giving the best of themselves. The organization of the race was perfect thanks to Borosport and Snow  Park Borovets with a lot of dash and enthusiasm shown by the contestants. It is clear that this race sets the beginning of a new snowboard event in Bulgaria and we definitely  are looking forward to DC BIG SPIN 2014!